Friday, 26 February 2010

The new bike

Tomorrow is the day. Other Half is so excited he can barely keep still. I keep watching him drift into this trance like state as he imagines himself zipping along the country lanes with his shiny new purchase, wind blowing through his hair as he overtakes every single vehicle on the road with the inevitable speed that his new purchase will bring. Finally his life will be complete. I fear mine will be over.

Tomorrow is the day he picks up his new time trial bike.

I think he ordered it about 3 months ago. We've had ups and downs, joyous moments and times of despair whilst waiting for it to be ready. When he got the call to say that the handlebars he wanted (3T Brezza?) were "not UCI legal" (I thought this was a chain of cinemas) and so was advised against getting them - we had a brief period of mourning. But happy days! We are now getting the Bontregar XXX Lite which apparently are equally as smashing. In fact they probably work out better seeing as they are white and will go quite beautifully with the rest of the bike (and Other Half's tri onesie - making sure his outfit is coordinated is my domain).

Now, we have been hovering around the question of where the bike is going to live for a few weeks. Please bear in mind that when looking for our current house (having viewed 43 different houses, this was quite a mission), we had to get one with a garage so that Other Half could have a training area. This made our search quite hard given the area that we wanted to live in. Everyone got so annoyed with us they pretty much had written to Kirsty and Phil. But eventually, we found a house that we both loved and which had the requisite garaging area. The days of the Concept II and the (now 2nd in the food chain) bike living in the living room with us were over! Or so I thought.

Other Half seems to think that this bike is going to live in the house with us. Inside the house! Where? I ask him. In the spare room, he says. What if we have people staying in the spare room, I ask. How often do we use that spare room? he says. He has a point. But, as it happens, we do have visitors in there tomorrow night and so how is this going to work? Other Half jokes that the bike will get the bed and the visitor the floor. Hmm. We shall see.

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